RoadMap Downloads


RoadMap is known to have bugs. The data provided by the US Census Bureau and other entities is known to have errors. The RoadMap maps generated from these various data sources contain even more errors. Use RoadMap at your own risk!. Always look at the road when driving a car, do not look at the RoadMap screen. The proper way for using RoadMap in a car is to have a passenger use RoadMap, not the driver.

Latest release

The latest version(s) of RoadMap can be downloaded from SourceForge, via the RoadMap project page.


Older versions of RoadMap are also available at SourceForge, but a somewhat more complete set, including some intermediate releases, and binary releases, can be downloaded here.


The latest development version of RoadMap is in CVS at SourceForge. In order to access the "anonymous" version, you should follow the instructions at this page.

Web storage for the RoadMap pre-compiled maps is courtesy of Digital Omaha Network, a low priced, high quality hosting service provider.
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