RoadMap Project Status

Paul Fox, current RoadMap maintainer
January 2009

New Release 1.2.0

RoadMap has another new release. It's been well over a year since 1.1.0 was released. Lots of work has been done since then, both in terms of features, and platform support.

Major new developments in 1.2.0 include;

Two Branches

Not much progress has been made in merging code from the forked "roadmap_editor" branch, but some work has been ongoing. (Managed by Ehud Shabtai "roadmap_editor" has added the ability to create and edit maps, and to upload the results to a central postgres database. Since the maps as created can contain the meta-data needed for successful auto-navigation, that feature has been added to the roadmap_editor branch as well. This codebase is being used very successfully in the FreeMap Israel project.

(Sadly for many of us, google doesn't yet translate Hebrew.)

Help Wanted!

If you know something about GIS and want to help with the conversion of new map sources, or are just a good coder who wants better open-source mapping capabilities, please join the list and we'll figure out how you can help!