RoadMap Pre-compiled Maps

USA maps built from the TIGER 2006 Second Edition files!

Disclaimer: RoadMap is known to have bugs. The data provided by the US Census Bureau and other entities is known to have errors. The RoadMap maps generated from these various data sources contain even more errors. Use RoadMap at your own risk!. Always look at the road when driving a car, do not look at the RoadMap screen. The proper way for using RoadMap in a car is to have a passenger use RoadMap, not the driver.

Note #1: the maps available on these pages are little endian, i.e. they will work fine on a PC, Zaurus or Linux/iPAQ. These maps will not work on PowerPC (i.e. MAC) or Sparc computers. Maps for these architectures might become available in the future. In the mean time users of these architectures will need to build the maps themselves. (The maps should be okay on 64-bit machines.)

Note #2: given the state of RoadMap development, there's a very good chance that the map data format might change again in a release or two. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, but you can be sure we'll only make changes for good reasons!

Note #3: these maps require RoadMap version 1.1.0 and later. They are not compatible with earlier versions of RoadMap.

Note #4: these maps are slightly different than those originally released with 1.1.0. RoadMap 1.1.0 was incapable of filling in polygons (e.g. lakes, parks) correctly, and usually drew odd triangular shapes instead. Later versions of RoadMap (from CVS) can fill polygons correctly, but require these newer maps to do so. Version 1.1.0 can still use these newer maps, but won't attempt to fill in polygons at all. If you really want the original 1.1.0 maps, you may be able to find them here: But you really shouldn't need them. Use the newer maps, down below.

If you need maps for 1.0.12, they may be available here:

The precompiled maps are big, and bandwidth is expensive. A limit may be set on the site's bandwidth at any time.
We suggest using wget with a rate-limiting option, e.g.:

     wget --limit-rate=15k
Thank you for your understanding.

Demo file -- if all you want to do is give RoadMap a trial run, then this file is all you need. It includes a map directory, state boundaries for the continental US, and the map that covers the city of San Francisco. Note that the map directory included here is minimal, to reduce download time. If you download other maps as well, then you must download the all-inclusive map directory.

The next file is the all-inclusive RoadMap map directory (or index). The map directory file is used by RoadMap to decide what file(s) of data should be loaded for the specific geographic area(s) you're trying to view -- in order to be able to view all of the available pre-compiled maps, you need a full directory file, not the subset version that's included with the demo maps. This file must be present in the map directory or RoadMap will not work.

All of the following files are gzipped tar files that contain RoadMap map files. To install the map files: go to the final map directory and extract the map files using the "tar xzf DOWNLOADED-FILE" command.

The data used for the US states and territories comes from the Census Bureau, an agency of the U.S. Government, and is in the public domain. Therefore, the RoadMap maps of the US states and territories are in the public domain.

The maps linked to below are all available directly in here: maps-1.1.0+.

These are political outline boundary files, from the the U.S. Census bureau and from the Canadian GeoBase initiative.

The single tar archive contains state outlines for the continental US and Alaska and Hawaii, and the provincial and territorial boundaries for Canada.

The data used for the Canadian provincial maps comes from the Statistics Canada Road Network Files 2005. Source: Geography Division, Statistics Canada, 2005 Road Network File (RNF), 92-500-XWE/XWF. The incorporation of data sourced from Statistics Canada within RoadMap shall not be construed as constituting an endorsement by Statistics Canada of such product. Statistics Canada makes no representation or warranty of any kind with respect to the accuracy, usefulness, novelty, validity, scope, completeness or currency of the Data

Note that the Canadian RNF maps currently contain no water features, and no railroads.

The data used for the non-US/Canada portion was extracted from the Digital Charts of the World (DCW), a product from the US Department of Defense. Most of the DCW data is public domain, but some is copyright by ESRI (administrative boundaries). The data in the RoadMap files only includes roads information and thus the source materials are all in the public domain.

The DCW roads data is provided in shapefile format by Stephen Woodbridge, and this version of that data is copyright by him. Steve is a RoadMap developer, and proprietor of, a provider of low-cost geospatial solutions. Thanks Steve!

There's a rough map of the coverage areas of RoadMap's DCW maps here at the iMaptools site. (But don't download the maps from there, because they're out of date.)

Note: The official horizontal accuracy of the DCW is 2040 meters: the resulting maps are therefore unusable for car navigation. The data also comes from 1992 or thereabouts, so it's out of date in many cases anyway.

  • Europe and North Asia
  • South Asia
  • South America and Africa

    Don't download the North American DCW maps, listed next, if you're using any of the US and/or Canadian maps above, since you'll end up with duplicated roads -- one version of the road in the right place, and another off by as much as a mile. (Of course, if you want to see Mexican or Cuban roads, you may not have much choice.)
  • North America

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