RoadMap Platform Specifics

January 2009

Platform Specific Information

The generic instructions and information given elsewhere are appropriate for most "standard" linux desktop machines, but some handheld and "special" devices have slightly specific requirements. These are described here.

Windows CE Support

OLPC XO Laptop Support

The XO laptop, created by the One Laptop per Child project, has a large high resolution (900x1200) sunlight-readable screen, making it attractive for use with RoadMap.

If the XO is running a "standard" linux distribution (Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora are all available) then RoadMap installs just as it does on any other linux. But if the laptop is running the OLPC "Sugar" system, then RoadMap must be packaged as a Sugar "activity", which adds some extra requirements to its environment.

A pre-built copy of RoadMap.xo is available at the OLPC Activities page:

If that copy is inappropriate or unavailable, you can build your own.

iPhone/iPod Support

The iPhone/iPod touch support is preliminary as of yet, but it is usable in the current state. Initial iPhone support (as well as this README) was provided by Morten Bek.

Familiar Support

This section describes the installation of RoadMap on an ARM-powered PDA running Familiar Linux and the GPE graphic environment. The full README should be used as well, of course.

Some of the instructions below are dated. Proceed with caution.